Types of scholarships in Germany and you will make the difference between them and America

Scholarships in Germany, as Germany is one of the countries that offer scholarships for students, and offers many privileges for scholarship holders, including a monthly salary and university housing.
Iran is Germany’s great power, which is south of Germany, where there is a wonderful infrastructure and the imposition of all entertainment in it.

Is it today development of university students affiliated to the Association of Universities in the World?
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Students who provide student scholarships, scholarships for students scholarships, or scholarships for students, or students who are providing scholarships abroad, or scholarships for students who are applying for scholarships. Among these grants.
The scholarships offered by the scholarships, through the provision of grants, because the scholarships offered by them aim to achieve the goals of the scholarships provided by the scholarships, and what types of scholarships are offered by the scholarships, let us know about that in the following article.

Types of scholarships in Germany?

1 Eldad Scholarship (German Academic Exchange Service):

This scholarship is one of the most important and prominent grants offered by German universities, and this grant is provided annually to more than one hundred thousand students from around the world, and this university encourages the efforts made within German universities, as it helps developing countries to rebuild their academic educational systems.
This idea traces its origins to Karl Frederick, and this grant began in 1925 and is continuing today.

2 Erasmus grant:

It is a grant granted by German universities to students from within Europe only with funding from the European Commission, which supports this type of grant, and this grant covers the cost of living in the student exchange program within Europe, and this scholarship is one of the preferred grants for students who live within Europe, and this grant is also provided. For international students wishing to research in various academic disciplines.

3 Heinrich Boll Scholarships for International Students:

This scholarship is one of the most important grants offered to study at the German University, and this grant includes the costs of living and studying, and the student is not required to return the value of the grant, and the application is open twice every year before the start of each semester in Germany, and the student can apply for this through the Internet.

4 Deutschland scholarship:

This grant is one of the most important grants that a student can obtain, and this grant is given to international students,
as the scholarship funds the student at an amount of 300 euros per month, and this grant is provided in partnership between the public and private sector, and the grant gives an additional 150 euros to talented students, and the student is not required to return the grant. After completing the study, the student can apply for this scholarship through the Internet.

5 Kurt Hanse International Science Scholarships:

It is a group of international scholarships offered by the Bayer Foundation to international students wishing to study science in scientific universities, and this scholarship is specific to science fields only, and this grant includes fields of study, training, summer courses, preparatory and supplementary courses, and science teacher training courses. The student applies for this scholarship through the Internet, and he will not be asked to return the scholarship value after completing the study.

6 Frankfurt School of Finance and Management exemptions:

Frankfurt School offers ten annual tuition waivers for Ph.D. students who study in the College’s English Language Program in the majors of Finance, Accounting, Mathematics, and Business Administration. Students can apply for this scholarship through the university’s website on the Internet, and the student does not return any fees he pays after it ends. From the study.

7 Ruth Aachen University Scholarships:

This university is one of the important and distinguished universities in Germany, and it offers many annual scholarships to students to complete their studies there. This university is distinguished by offering a large number of grants, and thus providing a large number of opportunities for students, and the student can apply for this scholarship through its website Online, and the student does not pay any money after he finishes studying.

8 Frias Covent Fellowship Program for International Researchers:

This university is one of the strongest and most famous universities in Germany, and this university is distinguished by the strength of its teaching programs that it offers, and the abundance of scientific research it carries out, and applications for these grants are opened in the summer of every year, and the student can apply for these grants through the university’s website on the Internet.

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