The most important steps to obtain a scholarship

To make it easier for you, here are five key steps you can take to get a scholarship: Find the right scholarship for you.
Prepare your application.
Write the scholarship essay or motivation letter.
Prepare recommendation letters.
Check your application and submit it.
Let’s talk in detail about each of these steps.

The first step:

Find the right scholarship for you You might be a high school student, a bachelor’s student, or a graduate program (Masters or Ph.D.)… You may be looking for a research fellowship or art residency.
Whatever type of scholarship you are looking for, take points
Consider the following to find the right opportunity for you.

  • 1 Find grants matching your situation
  • 2 Use counseling centers
  • 3 Think about your cultural background
  • 4 Follow the application deadlines
  • 5 Beware of scams

Second Step: Prepare the application

After you have found the right scholarship for you, and have confirmed your eligibility and all conditions, it is now time to apply. Here, two main questions will come to your mind:

When do I apply for the scholarship?
How do I apply for the scholarship?

As for the first question, the deadlines for applying for scholarships differ according to the different institutions that offer, some universities open the door for applications a year before the start date of the study. Others, for which applications are open all year long (mostly for postgraduate scholarships). The same applies to the second question, as each educational opportunity has its own requirements, which you can learn about through the scholarship website itself, which explains to you the terms of application and its mechanism.
Always make sure to read all the scholarship information before applying to it, and be sure to fill out the entire application and send it before the deadline.

As for the steps for preparing the application, they are as follows:

  • 1 Prepare the important documents
  • 2 Write your CV
  • 3 Fill out a draft of the application
  • 4 Print the information and do not write it by hand

Third Step: Write your motivation letter

Writing a scholarship essay or motivation letter is one of the basics of applying for scholarships, educational opportunities, and even job opportunities, and many face great difficulty in preparing and writing it properly.

Here are some important steps to set you on the right path to writing your motivation letter:

  • 1 Determine the target group to whom you will send the motivation message
  • 2 Follow the instructions related to the motivation letter in the scholarship description
  • 3 Strive for uniqueness and originality
  • 4 Have someone review your message

Fourth step: prepare recommendation letters

After you’ve found the right scholarship, fill out your application and ready your motivation letter, you now need letters of recommendation. Most scholarships will require you to attach at least one letter of recommendation with your application.
You can get this letter from one of your teachers, your boss, or anyone who knows the nature of your work and your academic achievements since the recommendation letter mostly focuses on your career, your experience, your academic achievement, your social activity, your talents … etc. Remember to keep the following in mind regarding your recommendation letter:

  • 1 Choose academic or professional references
  • 2 Ask permission from the person concerned first
  • 3 Give the person concerned the appropriate documents to help him write the letter of recommendation
  • 4 Thank the person who wrote you the letter

Fifth step: check and submit the application

Not much remains, you have completed all the scholarship application procedures, and all you have to do is add the final touches to the application, so what are these final touches?

  • 1 Check the application
  • 2 Arrange the order well
  • 3 Keep extra copies
  • 4 Don’t wait or procrastinate
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