The most important free online courses 2021

When there is no internal enemy, the external enemy will not be able to do anything. And when there is no presence of everything that hinders you inside you, there will be nothing external that hinders you from having – whoever that enemy – circumstances, time, pressures, epidemics and diseases, make sure that your life changes completely The moment you decide to change your way of thinking, the moment you decide to see everything as a gift, and the moment you see circumstance and challenge as a blessing.

A year has passed and we are ruminating about the effects of the global epidemic that paralyzed the movement of the world as a whole and weakened the will and pursuit of the strivers, do not let the situation continue like this, and try what you were able to get out of this shell to see the world as it should see it, with a view of success and striving for the best.
On the Internet platforms and educational sites, there are many courses and cultural programs that enrich your CV and your scientific and cultural repertoire, the beautiful thing about it is that it is free and can be attended remotely, so do not think about it carefully, and choose what suits your passion to fill your time, join one of them and start In February, a journey of liberation from conditions and restrictions, and the saying that the seeker of knowledge has proven that nothing stands in his path.

IELTS preparation course:

The IELTS certificate is the highest certificate awarded in the English language, and it represents the highest levels of this language and is a prerequisite for admission to most universities and jobs. This course is directed to students who have mastered language skills and have begun preparing for the exam, this course helps to understand the examination mechanism, questions, and the time given for each Some of the departments, with the teaching of important techniques for answering the exam, the course lasts for two months,

Japanese language course for beginners:

Because languages ​​are the key to all times and places, learning them has become one of the most important things that people strive for, and Japanese is one of the most popular and sought-after languages ​​in recent years, and it is one of the most important means to discover the richest cultures in the developed East, and this course shows the world through the eyes of the Japanese. The learner can read simple texts with letters and understand the basic vocabulary of speech while forming special sentences in addition to the Japanese grammar and phonetics, and the vocabulary of this course is more than 200 words,

Coronavirus diagnosis and news course:

The whole world is fighting the outbreak and development of the Corona epidemic, and each country has followed different strategies to test and diagnose this virus, this course will provide the latest recommendations regarding this epidemic and how to deal with it, with new information on how to perform tests and analyzes,

Courses Organizational Behavior and its Effects at Work:

This course is considered an important part of the Organizational Behavior and Learning program, and it is a very important supporter for Masters in Business Administration students, and one of the most important axes of this course is organizational behavior with basic concepts and issues in it, to learn how to control the abuse of others at work, and be an active member in your organization

Courses Challenges of Sustainability in the Modern World:

Presented by the United Nations to eradicate poverty and protect the planet through sustainable development, and the role of the individual in creating a sustainable future, while providing skills for a positive contribution at the local and global level, and at the end of the course the trainee will be able to identify ways that help him reach his goal and convert skills into ways A life at work and everyday life,

Challenges and difficult circumstances may abound, but let us learn how to make from our strengths and make their motivations and lessons. The lesson lies in the relentless march forward. We may have ruled a period that hindered our progress and prevented us from developing as we wish, but let us look at the cup from the full side because all circumstances are not excuses for those who seek.

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