Scholarships to study in America for free

America offers annual scholarships for international students to study in America, and American universities are the best in the world, and the higher education system in America is the best. In addition, the curricula that American universities teach for their students are among the best and most advanced curricula around the world.
Not only that, but American universities contain all modern means of education, and the certificate offered by these universities is one of the most powerful certificates in the world, and it contributes to providing job opportunities and high salaries for graduates from them.

All these advantages and temptations made studying in America a dream that the student seeks to achieve with all his strength, but there are a group of obstacles that stand between the student and studying in the United States of America, and the most prominent of these obstacles is the high costs of studying in American universities, as it made the quality of education in America has very high costs, which deprived many students who want to complete their university studies there from achieving their dreams.
The cost of living in America is high and exceeds the ability of many students. The high costs of study and living have contributed to the reluctance of many students to consider studying there.
But American universities wanted to provide the opportunity for distinguished, distinguished, and talented students in their countries, whose financial conditions do not allow them to cover the expenses of their university studies in America, through the free scholarship system.
Many American universities have offered a set of scholarships, some of which are total and include the costs of study and living, some of which are partial and include part of the costs of study and living, and in any case, these grants represent the only hope for the student whose financial conditions do not allow him to enroll in American universities, and through With these grants, the student can study the major he loves and realize his dreams.
In the following, we will tour the world of American universities and learn about scholarships in America for free, to help you apply for these scholarships to achieve your goals and ambitions, and obtain a scientific degree from American universities.

Scholarships to study in America for free?

1 Tennessee State University Scholarship:

This scholarship is provided by East Tennessee State University, and this scholarship is intended for international students from all over the world who wish to complete their studies at this university, and this grant is offered to study undergraduate in any discipline, and to study postgraduate studies in all disciplines offered by this university, and the student must Evidence of his ability to master the English language through an IELTS or TOEFL test document at the rate requested by the university, and this grant includes all living and study costs.

2 University of Maine scholarship:

It is a grant offered by the University of Maine for international students wishing to study undergraduate and postgraduate studies at this university, and this university requires the student to obtain a TOEFL language proficiency certificate with a score of at least 79 if the test is online, or an IELTS certificate with a score of 6.5, and the value of the grant is ten thousand A dollar through which it covers university wages and living costs, and to renew this scholarship, a student must achieve a GPA of no less than 2.0 in every year.

3 Grants of the Tomorrow Scholarships Program:

This program provides university scholarships to study four-year university majors at a university in the United States of America, and this program is devoted to students in the Middle East and North Africa, who have the ambition to become leaders in society, but the material obstacle hinders the realization of their dreams, and the student has the right to apply for a university From the universities contracting with this program and that are active in the Middle East, and at the end of the university study, the student will obtain a bachelor’s degree from the American University in the Middle East in which he studied, in addition to that, he will receive specialized training in civic education, where he travels a whole semester to America To train there.

4 Southern Methodist scholarships to study MBA in America:

These are five scholarships offered by the Southern Methodist group to study the MBA in the United States of America, and for the student to obtain this scholarship, he must obtain a high school diploma, have a score between 590 and 710 in the GMAT test, and must have a test certificate. IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. This scholarship covers all study and living costs for the duration of the study years.

5 Western Lotus University scholarships in America:

It is a group of scholarships offered by Western Lotus University to students from all over the world, to complete their master’s and bachelor’s studies it, and the value of this grant ranges between 5,000 to 10,000 thousand dollars annually, and this grant includes the costs of study, living, and housing.

6 University of Washington law scholarships:

It is a group of scholarships provided by the Faculty of Law at the University of Washington in the United States within the framework of the International Law Development Grants Program, and by providing these grants this university aims to combat corruption and bribery in the world, and it also works to develop young leaders from developing countries, who are considered with Limited income according to the classification of the World Bank, and this grant includes all study costs and living expenses.

7 University of Hawaii scholarships:

They are grants offered by Hawi University for international students wishing to enroll in and complete their studies in one of the disciplines offered by the university in bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and the value of the grant is $ 10,000, divided into two semesters so that the student is given in each semester $ 5,000, and to extend the scholarship to the student must It achieves good results in its studies.

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